Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reflections Summary.

As for reflections, I looked upon Nikki, Austin, and Cassie. Nikki talked about cycles and how we constantly borrow and evolve from the past in order to create new designs. I really liked that she mentioned that we were hoarders of the past, looking for new ways to use the old. It's so true and such a good way to put it! Austin focused on the many different design movements and design languages throughout the 19th century. Although it does bring ideas from the past, it also manipulates them in such a way that a new template can be created. Cassie questioned what was 'good' design. Design, in this unit, was no longer for the rich, but for the middle class and everyday person. So many options were arising that people now had an option in which direction to go. Just like other posts, it focused on the variety of design languages that were beginning to emerge.

This was posted on Austin's blog, exemplifying the point that although it may be the same impact to the water every time, the journey is forever changing.

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