Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reading Comprehension 5

I chose iron bed (found Pg 29 ; Fig 1-46 ; Harwood II) because it represents revolution in not only its structural materials, being an entire revolution in itself. But also it's bedding materials. Due to power looms and dye technology, more people now had the opportunity to have luxury inside their bedrooms, where in the past only the very wealthy could obtain these things.

Eastern influenced more than just designed a home, but what decorated the home as well. This china piece is a direct reflection of the eastern effects on the west. The nature of eastern culture leaks into western culture and these patterns and designs that appeared on the china, also appeared on things like wallpapers, window treatments, decorative motifs on furniture, etc. I decided to show another artifact of a textile to further exemplify the fact that the naturalistic culture moves from one decorative artifact to another.

This chinoiserie gallery in the Louvre depicts the eastern influence in everyday life. Much like the peacock room in our readings and what we've learned about in class, when we adapt the eastern to our culture, we tend to frame in the exotic, like it needs to be contained. Just as we're seeing here. We see in the gallery piece above, the heavy influence of the deep red underneath the gilded art, as well as the compartmentalized furnishings with the same art depicted.

The Sezincote House in Gloucestershire combines the Italian languages of design as well as the Indian. It is also the inspiration for the famous Royal Pavillion in Brighton. Taking Hindu and Muslim background, a beautiful and exotic centerpiece was created.

Tatton Park's Japanese Gardens were influenced by an exhibit in London on the Japanese. It's obvious that this park is screaming Japanese culture as well as eastern influence. All the artifacts, the statuary, the water scenes, etc are direct relations of the Japanese and the naturalistic lives they lead. It represents the harmonious bond they share with nature.

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  1. [1] ok [2]Good images...essays need to elaborate on how eastern influences are present in your examples