Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alternatives Summary.

I looked on the blogs of Anna, Daniel, and Blakeni. They all focused on how this unit was about going outside the boundaries of what was known and twisting design into something new and fresh. Anna focused a lot on the cathedrals and how they used the beauty to bring people in rather than the rules of the time, that the architects were changing the views of the church in big ways. Daniel spoke of the renaissance and baroque, especially how the baroque was a twist from renaissance. The designers of the baroque time took the regulations of the renaissance and stretched and skewed them until it was a theatrical and intensified atmosphere. Blakeni wrote of how these new innovations were built from the importance of reformation, unity & harmony, and rebellion. The emergence of these things requires you to break out of the box and break into something new.

Blakeni used this as her image, showing that "Design is like a cartwheel. Starting at one point, then turning, stretching, shifting, reshaping and fixing back into place after your whole view on the world has been turned upside down". Which I think also directly relates to everyones post as well as the unit as a whole.

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