Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Light Sketch Series 2

  1. identify the purpose of the space
  2. identify the purpose of lighting, including an identification of ambient, task, accent, and sparkle lighting.
  3. identify the lamp/s
  4. describe the effect of each light source in each space.
  5. do you notice any aspect of Flynn’s subjective impressions?
  6. based upon your observations and reflections, provide recommendations for improving the lighting environment.
Compact Fluorescent
a. under studio desk, clamp light.
b. task lighting
c. compact fluorescent
d. it tends to be more directional, but still has a diffused edge
e. this lamp tended to wash out the fabric and skewed all the colors
f. the light was almost too bright and i believe that's why the colors were so washed out, they were overpowered, so maybe having the lamp further away, or a lesser wattage

a. simple push lights
b. task lighting
c. LED
d. the light effect was very directional and presented basically just a spot where the light was shining, it was hard to get the light to cross over the whole fabric swatch
e. this lamp produced a very clear representation of the fabric
f. since the lighting effect is so directional, adding more lamps would help broaden the effect

a. track lighting on edge of pin-up space
b. accent lighting
c. MR-16
d. although had a strong sense of direction, it demonstrated slightly diffused edges
e. this lighting effect brought out the cooler colors while enhancing the gray tones
f. being a great spotlight for presentations, the mr-16's are very effective, however, if you were wanting to broaden that, i would recommend using more lights that are closer together to prevent the breaks in the lighting

Metal Halide
a. overhead studio lighting
b. task lighting
c. metal halide
d. since it is an overhead light, it's hard to see the direct effects on a surface.  however, the multiple lights overhead cause for interesting shadow patterns while producing enough light to illuminate the space
e. this light tended to bring out the warmer undertones in the fabric
f. if the lights would have been lower, it would more than likely create a different and more directional lighting effect.

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