Thursday, October 20, 2011

Group 3 Exhibit

I really like the feel of these posters.  I love things that look like a sketchbook (i.e., top right), because they add a little personal touch to it, and draw the viewer in to look at every little detail.  The poster on the top left I love because it's simple, yet intriguing by using clean colors, a simple font, and different uses of scale.  The posters on the bottom right and bottom left I was drawn to because it still had that handmade touch, but it also brought cleaner lines and fonts to the table.
This is my rendition of something simple we could continue to add to as the project moves forward.  It's simple, with a personal touch [that would be less sketchy], and it brings all the necessary information to the table without being so in your face or too vague.

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