Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Learning Place

For this half of the semester, we're focusing on reconfiguring our studio space.  To do this, we're studying the list of four core values of IARc [authenticity, innovation, stewardship, and community].  This Wednesday, we had a huge pile of images that we could choose from to represent each of the values.  Here's what I found...

Authenticity.  This image represents 'real-life lenses'.  When kayaking, the audience sees exactly what you're putting into it, there's no faking.  Authenticity to me represents no masks, no coverups, and seeing exactly who or what something is - seeing what is really there.

Innovation.  This image, to me, represents the beginning stages of innovation.  Innovation is all about the discovery, seeing something that can bring a difference.  To be innovative, you have to overcome fear of failure and getting your hands dirty.  You have to cradle your ideas so that they may grow into something truly innovative.

Stewardship.  Overcoming adversity and being driven enough to do so is the basis of stewardship.  In order to fulfill duties - to yourself, to others, to your country, whatever - you must take that initial leap  and go past any obstacles or hesitations and I believe this image captures that idea.

Community.  Community is about unity, being intertwined, and in most cases, being a synchronized group.  This image represents that in the fact that the man in the image is leading a community to be synchronized, in step with one another, and to go towards the same direction or goal.  When you're in a community, you lean on others to guide you, to help you, to get you where you need to be.  You may not always agree, but you're always connected.

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