Sunday, May 2, 2010


After weeks and weeks of this presentation, I realized that you're never really prepared for it. There's always things that you think are completely done and perfect, but once you begin to present it to a class, everyone can nit pick and think of things you could have or should have done in it's place. I learned that although I had some strong ideas, like the hexagonal shelving, I could have integrated that in the space more. Also, if I truly wanted to celebrate the studio area, I could have made it larger, or somehow made the living area more secondary in plan. In plans, it was pointed out to me that when drawing things, like rugs, I needed to draw them under the couch to make it clarified for the audience. There was no huge mistake that I made, it was all miniscule and nit picky criticism that I got, which I didn't mind, because if I were to go back and work on the studio space project some more, I would like to keep the main idea, but just do some touch ups along the way.

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