Monday, November 2, 2009


In this project, we were told to define space and then compare the two spaces using dialogue. I wanted to base my projects on 3D to 2D, construction, and being a process...a part of a whole. I based my design on playgrounds...comparing a jungle gym and a simple swing from a swingset. We were only allowed to use 12 skewers and 12 4x6 bristol cards. We couldn't manipulate the cards in any way except folding it one time. Here it is...
My 12x12 Parti.

My first rendition of my wasn't very sturdy.
My second rendition...right after it half way fell apart and right before it completely fell apart. :).
My third sketch model...I liked this model...but I soon realized that I didn't have enough room on my 12x12 base or enough bristol cards to make it speak the dialogue I wanted. :(.

My orthographics of the final product.

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