Monday, October 5, 2009


From step one to step two, I cut the foam down two inches, took of the bristol frame, and painted it using white acrylic paint.
And here comes the final product...

My 12x12 Parti.

This project had it's fair share of obstacles. My inspiration was a field of flowers and solar panels, but when I created it, I didn't want it to be so literal that when people saw it, they saw flowers. So I kept the cards in their original state, with no folds or cuts, to maintain my idea. I scored the cards with scissors, sanded the tops of the skewers, and glued them together using Krazy Glue. The glue lasted for a day or so, until some bristol boards flew away. Also, the acrylic paint was soaked up by the green foam used as the base, so I had to do multiple coats of the white paint to achieve the pure white. Overall, I've come to the realization that the construction of the project is the most important learning process.

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